Dr. Nina’s Health and Beauty regimen:Sauna – fun and effective way to enhance your detoxification protocol

Cleansing is an important part of anyone’s wellness routine, to help our body unload some of the toxic burden that accumulates despite our best efforts to live a very healthy life: eat clean organic foods, drink pure water, breathe clean air, etc. What is your favorite cleansing ritual? I love getting together with girlfriends and spending an afternoon in a spa with a sauna, after which we all feel rested, rejuvenated and glowing. Many of them report that after such a spa day they are asked what beauty regimen they use. Indeed, your entire skin and your eyes will immediately reflect the effects of deep cleansing, rehydration and relaxation. It is no wonder that all ancient traditions developed some sort of hydrotherapy for its wonderful health benefits. All of them incorporate sweating using dry heat or steam, a cold dip, vigorous exfoliation, rest and hydration. I have developed a protocol that is fun and effective, incorporates the traditional elements and includes a special Remineralization/Rehydration drink that I will share here over the next few posts.

Here is Dr. Nina’s Sauna Health and Beauty Regimen:

Step One: Dry skin brushing

Dry skin brushing before your weekly sauna cleansing is essential to invigorate lymph flow and make detoxification that much more effective. Use a soft natural bristle brush on a dry skin by gently stimulating the lymph just under the skin, following the lymphatic flow. Start with gentle circular motions above the collar bones, in the the armpits and groin, move down to elbows and knees, wrists and ankles. Then brush the limbs towards the body, between these limbs, starting from closest to the and proceeding to the distant: from elbow towards armpits, from wrist towards elbow, front and back.

Finish with brushing the skin of the torso, from center towards the armpits and groin, front and back. Finish with the neck, head and face. Use a specially designated brush just for the face.

Now you are ready for Step Two: sweating!

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