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Services We Offer

Naturopathic primary care, Longevity medicine, Regenerative medicine, Medical Aesthetics, Accupanture.

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Doctors look at health holistically understanding that everything in the body is interconnected and interrelated. With careful history taking and testing we aim at discovering root cause of your health condition, which will inform  a tailored comprehensive treatment to restore health.


An ancient  tradition of East-Asian medicine, which views health as a state of balance, in dynamic interaction with internal and external factors.  We use thin sterile needles to promote health and treat various organs and systems.

Regenerative Injections

We use various natural substances for healing of joints and surrounding tissues, treatment of pain and for skin rejuvenation.

Health Coach

Dr. Nina leads wellness retreats professionally designed for groups of people with the goal of successful completion of complex comprehensive treatment protocols.


Natural approach to beauty and rejuvenation to help you look your best and delay the effects of time using PRP, peptides, facial acupuncture, micro current and facial massage.


Ozone – saturating the tissues with O3 in acute injury or degenerative process to help nourish the tissues and promote a healthy immune response.


Meet Dr. Nina Walsh

Dr. Nina Walsh grew up in Moscow, Russia where she was surrounded by nature, herbs, and traditional Russian healing methods, as well as modern medicine from early childhood. Her mother was a surgeon and her great uncle was the president of a major medical school, so allopathic and alternative medicine were both part of her upbringing.


What our patients

When I was going through harsh chemotherapy Dr.Nina helped me create a health regimen which supported me through the treatment. She worked with my oncologist to make sure that every one is on the same page. I was told that my kidney function would decline and I would develop osteoporosis but with her protocol my kidneys and bone health are normal. I was able to continue a normal life with my family and friends, have good energy and resilience. My friends even joke that I am stronger and look healthier than all of them 🙂

Gail O.

Dr Nina has been my physician for over 15 years. That fact speaks volumes. The scope of her knowledge for overall natural healing is astounding. I most appreciate the multi pronged approach to dealing with health challenges. The creative and unusual therapies have helped my family and many friends in various ways. Many with life threatening illnesses. I recommend this doctor to almost everyone I know. I cannot begin to list the variety of treatments that have helped me to heal many ailments, from physical to emotional, however, one current therapy using ozone has proved to be very effective.. almost miraculous!

Natalie K

Dr. Nina Helped create a turnaround in my life. She truly listened to my story and helped me understand what was stopping me from losing weight and taking care of my health. For the first time in my life, I am able to follow through with the health program and am excited about it! I have ways to go but I am already feeling so much better. I know now that I can be successful and regain my health.

Simona M.

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Telemedicine – online and phone appointments for your health needs