Naturopathic Medicine

Our principles:

Naturopathic Doctors look at health holistically understanding that everything in the body is interconnected and interrelated, searching for the Cause rather than treating symptoms. Through Education and collaboration with patients, we strive to utilize the most effective and Least Invasive natural therapies and Do No Harm, so that we can support your body’s Innate Healing Power, in order to restore and maintain health and Prevent Disease and deterioration.

  • Telemedicine – online or phone appointments for health issues not requiring hands-on evaluation or treatment
  • Preventive Medicine/Longevity Medicine – Modern science provides us with tools to evaluate biological age vs chronological age and helps us design and utilize therapies that increase lifespan and health span at any age. It is in fact, possible to become healthier and younger biologically, as we age, with proper longevity promoting approaches. 
  • Women’s Health – From puberty to post-menopause, a woman’s health journey evolves through life phases, each offering an opportunity to live a rewarding healthy life. Dr. Nina helps you navigate each phase and create a roadmap to achieving health and balance at every phase of life.
  • Lab testing – Basic blood work (usually covered by insurance); Food Allergy Testing; Micronutrient/Antioxidant testing; Hormone Testing; Gut Health Testing; Environmental Pollutant Testing; Heavy Metal Testing; Genetic/Methylation Testing.