Trigger Point Injections – injections of anesthetic in localized muscle spasm occurring as a result of chronic muscle strain, to help relax muscle spams, improve circulation and nutrient metabolism, restore healthy nerve signaling

PRP – injection of platelet-rich fraction of plasma, which contains signaling molecules and growth factors. These help stimulate the body’s natural healing and repair mechanisms in damaged tissues. For this treatment to be effective, it is important that you are in good general health. We require an office visit prior to treatment to determine if PRP is the right therapy for you. We can also help address your health issues to prepare for PRP. To obtain PRP we process blood drawn from the patient to collect the fraction of plasma with high concentration of platelets.

Perineural Injections – minimally invasive injections using fine gauge needle to treat inflammation in superficial nerves and to decrease chronic pain

Neural Therapy – Injection of anesthetic and B12 into scar tissue to loosen the scar, aid in proper communication and function of tissues around the scar

Biopuncture – injection of homeopathic substances in points along acupuncture meridians to promote muscle relaxation, decrease pain and inflammation, and for lymphatic drainage.