Dr. Nina’s Body-Building Smoothie

Body-Building Smoothie

I wanted to address one of the concerns of my mostly vegetarian/vegan friends and clients that keeps coming up. These people are usually quite wellness-oriented and are in good health. The concern is something a lot of folks would almost envy to have: how do we keep our weight on? Especially muscle weight. It may not sound like a problem to most but people don’t realize that for somebody with healthy metabolism and on a healthy but a low-calorie diet it may be more of a struggle to keep the weight on than for others to shed those stubborn last pounds.

Here are some tips:
Try to have a routine in your daily life
Eat regular meals, at least three times daily.
Always have breakfast!
Add protein-rich foods: beans (soaked and lightly sprouted), seeds and nuts (freshly-shelled), quinoa, amaranth, barley, eggs, raw milk and cheese, sprouts.
Supplement with protein powders.
Have a high-prtein meal/smoothie w protein powder within 30 minutes of strength training
Add lemon juice or vinegar, digestive enzymes to high-protein meals

Body-Building Smoothie:
1 apple
4 prunes
1 bunch dandelion leaves
2 leaves kale
10 sprigs parsley
1/2 cup coconut water or filtered water (or more)
2 T freshly-ground flax seeds
2 T freshly ground sun flower seeds
1 scoop protein powder (whey, pumpkin, hemp, rice, pea)
1/3 can coconut milk

Use this smoothie after a workout, preferably before noon. The ingredients in it are combined to stimulate production of the growth hormone which is responsible for regeneration and repair and lean muscle building.

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