Dr. Nina’s Wellness Retreat

Our July retreat was another wonderful successful event. New friends, new healthy habits, new wisdom, sharing, minus pounds and inches and pain, restored energy and vitality, a beautiful Taize service and a new supportive community. It is always so gratifying to see the love and support our participants show for each other as they embark on a life-changing journey of whole health and happiness together. Our August, 4-9 retreat is almost full, and October begins to fill up as well.

Day One: What brought us here
Magical Super Moon above Pecos, NM
Bread has almost become a dangerous thing in our life today. So, Jason, one of the youngest participants had a vision of a bakery and a restaurant that would use ancient grain and organic farm raised foods. Just like seventy years ago.
Walk to the daily morning wellness and breath class
Cool and tranquil Pecos river
Taize service: started two hundred years ago in France, it is meant for us to remember that We Are One. Everyone is welcome, whatever religion, denomination, belief system. Several simple verses are chanted to beautiful music. Barriers and conditioning disappear.
A new community of friends
Taking the program home
New beginning